Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Reward/Motivation System

I've come to realize and recognize that when I have a deadline/goal/reward to work towards, I am better able to commit to following through with things. Setting smaller initial goals will also help me stay focused and not get overwhelmed by the "big picture"...instead of thinking "I have to lose 75 pounds," I can tell myself "You only need to lose 10 pounds right now and then you get to pamper yourself."

Based on total pounds lost, I've created a set of "rewards" to work toward. The more I lose, the more the value of the reward increases. I've limited myself to an initial 50 pounds for right now, and will determine other rewards if I do exceed a 50-pound loss this year (hopefully I will!).

10 pounds: Lady GaGa CD
20 pounds: manicure/pedicure
25 pounds: Vintage Nude Double-Sided Necklace
30 pounds: Melancholy Lashes necklace
35 pounds: running shoes
40 pounds: car wash
45 pounds: helicopter ride
50 pounds: 1 hour full-body massage
55 pounds: Elliot Bird necklace
60 pounds: hot-air balloon ride
65 pounds: hair cut and colored
70 pounds - GOAL!: an old-time photo

**UPDATE** 2/28/2009
I've updated the various rewards, rearranging some rewards, adding in some new ones, and completing my list for my rewards up to my final goal of 70 pounds lost!

A New Year, A New Start: 2009, My Year to Shine!

This week marks my two year anniversary since joining Weight Watchers in 2007. I've been on the road to losing weight since January 12, 2007 with a few minor bumps and challenges along the way (much like the past 6 weeks with the holidays...and getting thrown off track repeatedly).

Since joining Weight Watchers, I've lost a total of 43.6 pounds. This year I commit to finally getting to my goal weight and finally completing my long and memorable journey.

I plan to update this blog at least weekly with a status of how I am doing, including stats such as my weight for the week, loss for the week, total loss, body measurements, photos, my workout routine/schedule, etc. My "week" (in terms of tracking WW POINTS) runs from Thursdays to Wednesdays...this "week" schedule worked incredibly well for me in the beginning of 2007, and when I switched to Sunday to Saturday sometime in 2008, I seemed to have a harder time. So, learning from this, I will go back to what worked for me: having Thursdays be the first day of my "week." And, it helps that Thursdays are the days that I attend meetings, so it's a great way to start the week off motivated and committed to achieving goals for the upcoming week.