Thursday, July 16, 2009

Week 26: Weigh-In Results and Summary




This week I accomplished:
I was overall very happy with this past week and my accomplishments: I lost 3.2 pounds, ran a total of 13.35 miles in preparation for the half marathon, joined a canoe-racing team, and began adjusting to a new sleeping schedule.

I had made a commitment to myself to wake up at a relatively decent hour each day and to work out in the mornings before work rather than late at night after work. With the exception of Sunday (because I had an AM shift), Tuesday, and Wednesday, I woke up before 10:00 AM every day and walked/ran before work. It felt great the first few days of waking up early, but later in the week I was beginning to feel exhausted (which is why on Tuesday and Wednesday I slept in and took these two days off from working out).

This year I finally decided to join a team at work for Canoe Races of the World (C.R.O.W.), an annual event held on the Rivers of America at the Magic Kingdom. Teams of 8 - 10 people compete in men's, women's and co-ed leagues within Pro and Rec (recreational) divisions. The early morning practices had always kept me from participating in the past, but this year I finally made a commitment to do it. Our team, To Be Determined (yes, that is really our name), is participating in the Rec division as a co-ed team. Our first practice was held at 6:45 AM on Friday morning, and our second practice was held at 7:45 AM on Monday morning (this partly attributed to assisting me with developing a new sleeping schedule, but these early mornings were hard). We clocked in at 6:50:41 for Friday's practice and at 6:32:65 for Monday's practice, shaving off about 18 seconds between practices. Tomorrow we participate in the qualifying run, and hopefully we place as one of the top four teams in order to make it to the divisions and final race.

Friday after the C.R.O.W. practice, I decided to go for a run in Celebration; this would be one of my "long" runs outdoors. I completed a 3-mile run without stopping in about 38 minutes. I am continually surprised at my increased ability to run for longer and longer distances, and I am excited to see how quickly I am progressing. I'm looking forward to a 4-mile run tomorrow morning after C.R.O.W. practice, since I have taken the past three days off/resting from working out and running.

Overall, I consider this week to be a success. I'm slowly working towards incorporating more of a variety of activity and foods that I eat, and am continually impressed with what I can do once I set my mind to it.

Next week I commit to:
Next week I commit to focusing on running more and designing a new strength-training regiment for myself. I want to incorporate more variety within my strength training and toning exercises, utilizing free weights as opposed to the stationary machines.


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